Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know if I have burrs?

A. Carefully (so you don't cut yourself) feel the edges. If they feel rough you have burrs.

Q. Why bother deburring? Just get the ski tuned?
A. A sharp edge has about a .003in radius after a tune. A burred edge has a .030in or worse radius. That certainly detracts from the skis ability to carve and to consistently perform. It's like driving a high performance car with bad tires.

Q. Don't professional tuners use diamonds, files and stones?
A. Absolutely. Skilled tuners have accurate holders, benches with vises, clean/sharp files, dressed stones and good skills.
They do however deburr first to save the wear and tear on the files. Some use a BURRBUSTER™ for that.

Q. What's wrong with using a simple diamond file?
A. Diamond files are soft and grooves easily form which will increase the radis of the edge. Also without a holder some skill is necessary so as not to dull the edge. And one must be very careful so as not to slip and get cut by the edge.

Q. Why not just have the edges ground more frequently?
A. Some shops grind edges after each rental. This naturally wears out the edge quicker than just deburring it. For the average skier it would also be costly.

Q. How skilled do I have to be to deburr my ski?
A. Most ski tuning hand tools require some skill use so you don't damage the ski or cut yourself. The BURRBUSTER™ is self locating and by using light pressure and keeping the cutters against the edge and the wheels on the ski/board the tool simply "scrubs" off the burrs quickly and safely.


Q. How long do the cutters last?
A. I really don't know. There are shops that have had tools since 2000 and are still using the origional cutters. Initally a couple of shops broke cutters when a tool was accediantly dropped. Since we added the guard that hasn't happened.

Q. Why deburr the base edge?
A. Several shops wanted to deburr both edges so we made the tool. Rock damage does raise metal on the base edge and deburring does take that off. It does smooth out the performance of the ski/board.

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