Customers Love the Burrbuster

October 2008

Hi Dick,
Sorry it took me 8 months to write back, if you still want an endorsoment here goes.
"I never liked shelling out $35 to get my skis tuned and looking at all files in the tuning equipment catalogues was a little intimidating. When I saw the BURRBUSTER side edge tool I bought one and I can say it does everything they claim it does. When they came out with the BURRBUSTER base edge tool the following year it only made sense to get that too.
Now I need to have my skis tuned alot less often, really.That helps as conditions here in the east can be rough on your edges."

Jack Howley Ithaca N.Y.

Note: Jack bought his BURRBUSTER in 2002 and it is still going strong.

Richard Arnold

April 2007


We traveled 5000 miles for more !!

I was searching Google for that something special and practical for keeping my edges sharp while in resort to avoid excess servicing and base removal. I clicked on BURRBUSTER and decided to order. I and my friends are advanced / expert skiers and know the importance of maintaining edges – European snow conditions!!. First trip out in December 2006 equipped with the BURRBUSTER, friends response was,, whats that ?

The BURRBUSTER is simply a fantastic tool. Needless to say I got the job each morning of edging 6 pairs of skis. No problem- less than 3 minutes.  

My colleagues were so impressed they had to have one. April 2007 we Skied Colorado and had the privilege of meeting Dick Coppock ( The BURRBUSTER creator) in Aspen, specifically to pickup five more BURRBUSTERS and enjoyed a great days Skiing and hospitality. The BURRBUSTER performs exactly as stated on the web site. A products that exceeds expectation.

 If you are serious about Skiing or boarding get one.

Richard Arnold. UK  

PS Not compulsory to collect BURBUSTERS, they ship world Wide !

Gus with his BURRBUSTER™

The "BURRBUSTER™" saves us time and money. It keeps our Demo Skis in top condition without over-tuning them" says Gus Kadota, Manager, Pomeroy Sports, Aspen, Colorado.
Pomeroy Sports was voted the Number 1 ski shop for 2001 according to the Aspen Times survey.

We recently saw Gus and he showed us his two BURRBUSTERS, which were still going strong.
Not bad after 4 years of daily use throughout the season.


"The "BURRBUSTER"™ is a great timesaver. It decreases the downtime of our ski and snowboard rental fleet. This tool also requires minimal training. It can't cause any damage to the ski or board." says Paul Morrison, Manager. Applewood Ski, Golden, Colorado. He has used the "BURRBUSTER"™ since the 2001 ski seasons.
"I got lots of use out of the "BURRBUSTER"™ this season. (2002) I liked it a lot and thought it worked better than any other tool I've used for getting the ski edges sharp and burr free. Thanks for making the BURRBUSTER™." Jack Imig, National Ski Patrol, Loveland Ski Area, Colorado
"BURRBUSTER's"™ ease of use and durability help to keep our rental fleet in top notch shape. We save in materials and labor costs by using a BURRBUSTER™ for daily preventative maintenance. Think Snow." says Bruce Bell, Director of Retail Pro Mountain Sports Aspen Colorado. 2000
"This is an excellent tool which is a great time saver. The fast turnaround and good quality enhances our customers experience. The new base tool completes the process." says Keith Long, manager Aspen Sports Aspen/Snowmass Colorado April 2002
"I've used the "BURRBUSTER"™ in my back shop for a full year and it is great. It can pay for itself in a week." says Steve Braun owner and manager of Sidewinder Snowboard shop Snowmass Colorado. Jan 2002
"BURRBUSTER"™ Works for our Family of 4, October 19, 2004
Reviewer: D. Harris (Ridgefield, CT)

Our family of 4 skis a lot, both kids race on the high school team, and I was looking for a way keep our edges in shape without shelling out $$ every other week for a tuning. The Burrbuster seems to fill that need. You can feel the burrs getting scraped off and the edges appear restored. Using it requires no special skills and you can take it with you to the mountain. I think it paid for itself with about a month of use. Yes, you need to get a full tune-up from time to time. In between, this device restores nicked edges, and saves you time and money
Smooth Skiing With "BURRBUSTER™", October 19, 2004
Reviewer: Patrick Hunter (Snowmass Village, CO USA)

Skiing is so much easier with smooth, clean edges on your skis. Safer too, because the skis are more predictable. A few passes with the Burrbuster and the job is done. As a ski instructor at Snowmass I have several pairs of my own skis to keep up as well as my clients. I know my clients will learn faster and have more fun with nice sharp edges on their skis.
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